Roller Coaster

To many people the words ‘roller coaster’ conjure up ideas of amusement rides with loops and drops that make your stomach lurch. Personally I am not a big fan of roller coasters as there was one wooden contraption that I felt like I was going to fall out of. I guess I’m not a thrill seeker. Or…I get my thrills from doing really long hiking/camping trips…

entrance to the roller coaster

In northern VA is what is deemed the roller coaster of the trail. It is 13.5 miles with 10 steep ups and downs with tons of rocks. The trail goes thru a narrow passage here, so the trail crews had little choice but take the trail up viewless and rocky ridges.

rocky rocky, makes my feet hurt

Going up and down consistently takes a lot of physical energy and looking down for good footing takes a lot of mental energy. So, I’ve been finding that I’ve been pretty tired at night. Thankfully the shelters have not had snorers – so I’ve been able to sleep. 🙂 I can’t really tell you if there were many views because I was looking down at my feet the whole time. There was a pretty cool hostel called Bear’s Den which looked like a castle. Check out my link for pics on my home page.

Northern VA has been pretty good even despite the roller coaster. I was just so excited to get out of SNP!

About Renee

I enjoy adventures. Whether running marathons, thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, working with Service Adventure, or working with youth as Program Director of Swan Lake Christian Camp for 9 years, I have encountered many an adventure. On this site I will try to capture the big and small ones for you. Enjoy!

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  1. Sounds like a nightmare – one to be endured and in retrospect, enjoyed (through your stories).

  2. Good grief! 13.5 miles of that?? So, were you able to do the Roller Coaster in a day? The rocks are the worst thing for my two bad feet and I tend to move quite a bit more slowly.

    • I did the roller coaster in 2 days, staying in the middle for the night. it was not terribly fun, but I’m sure PA will be even more rocky!

      • Yeah, that’s what I’ve read about PA. I was looking for a devotion to pass along to you and came upon something that just happened to be another Henri J.M. Nouwen piece. This one from “Sabbatical Journey.” I thought, “This must be for Renee, since she is on one long Sabbatical journey”:
        “About 20 people sat in a large circle in the lovely fenced-in garden. I tried to explain the mystery of the Trinity by saying that all human relationships are reflections of the relationships within God. God is the Lover, the Beloved, and the Love that binds us in unity. God invites us to be part of that inner movement of love so that we can truly become sons and daughters of the Father, sisters and brothers of the Son, and spouses of the Holy Spirit. Thus, all our human relationships can be lived in God, and as witness to God’s divine presence in our lives.”
        Grace, peace, and strength in your journey,

      • Thank you Buzz! I hope your fishing trip went well!

  3. Yes, it did. I caught three rainbow trout and Donna made her “Drop-Dead Trout” dip. Yum!

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