Northern PA has been called Rocksylvania. There are big rocks, small rocks and even medium sized rocks. I would rather have the large rocks than the small ones as they don’t hurt my feet as much. On sunday as I was walking over thousands of rocks, I became reflective – how are these rocks like life? I actually came up with several different correlations. I’m not sure if it was the fact it was Sunday or if I was losing my mind. There’s only so much time a person can spend with their own thoughts before going crazy right?

pointy rock

Many of the rocks were pointy and it was hard to find a place to set your foot. I found if I stepped with the pointy part on the arch of my foot I could use them as springboard to the next rock and just hop across. Many times in life we want to step around the hard things or avoid them, but if we can use them as a springboard to better things that is good. It may hurt for a moment, but it is over quickly.

Because the rocks are not flat you have to put your foot  on them slanted or sideways and it helps tremendously to have good ankle and knee strength. This is your support system. When we go through life and we have to do things differently than we’d like or feel off balance it is important to have a good support network. I would have loved to step flat on every rock, but it just isn’t possible.

Rocks require constant attention to be paid to your feet. Shoulders and legs get worked to

boulder field

a different degree to keep you stable and balanced. However there are times I am so focused on the rocks that I charge up the mountain or down and then find that I don’t know where the trail went and I have to retrace my steps. It is very important to keep watching for white blazes when going across boulder fields because you can get lost. Often in life I find myself paying attention only to my own needs and my own little world that I miss the big picture. I need to look around pay attention so I don’t get lost.

Some people said to look at the rocks as a foot massage. Some days are easier to do this than others, but it is a good lesson for when life gives you lemons to try to make lemonade.  🙂

About Renee

I enjoy adventures. Whether running marathons, thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, working with Service Adventure, or working with youth as Program Director of Swan Lake Christian Camp for 9 years, I have encountered many an adventure. On this site I will try to capture the big and small ones for you. Enjoy!

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  1. Wow Renee!!! Very, very insightful! Thank you for sharing this. It meant a lot to me. I plan to save it as a devotional. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This too served as a devotional for me today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts – and no I don’t think you’re losing your mind! You are merely using the time you have to think about life and correlations that can be made to faith and life experiences. Keep up the good work!

  3. I appreciate your thoughts. I know what you’re talking about. When you’re alone with God you notice Him in your surroundings and the words just flow from your mind to your pencil without much effort. It’s really amazing!! Thanks!

  4. NOWWWW yer bloggin’! I love to compose hiking meditations. This was a good one for me, because the trails littered with small rocks like you describe give my feet problems as well, and your analogy really resonated.

  5. Wonderful analogy! Thank you for this.

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