Bethany Birches

I was so ready for my next zero day in Vermont. Killington Mountain (or rather Little Killington) had gotten the best of me. I was tired. I decided that 10 days between zero days was too much. From here on out I will try to do every 7.

me, Amber and Brandon Bergey

For this particular zero I chose to stay at Bethany Birches Camp and they were willing to host me. I worked here the summer of 2002 before I came to work at Swan Lake. I also went to school with Brandon Bergey, the director at BBC at EMU. So, there were connections.

Brandon picked me up at took me back to camp and it was awesome and relaxed. We ate leftovers from the past week’s camp food and I met Sparkles (who Molly Boese goes to college with at EMU) and Pepper – two of their summer staff. They are done with camps for the season, so they were cleaning things up. Brandon’s wife Amber also made me feel at home. I is so nice to zero where I don’t have to pay for lodging and food!

cabin where I stayed when counseling

I walked the trails around camp and relived some memories from 2002. Some things have changed, but most is the same. I think Brandon and Amber are doing a fantastic job there. I really enjoyed my time relaxing.

Alison came for part of my zero day and we went to buy me new shoes. I must have tried on 7 pairs and the lady at Simon the Tanner was very patient with me. I finally got some and they were a pretty good deal. This is my 3rd pair of the trip, the only one I have had to pay for while I was out here. We also ate Chinese and got some ice cream. I had a rollo mcflurry from mcdonalds and I believe they just use chocolate and carmel and don’t actually put rollos in there. Anyone else think this?

While Alison was here we decided she would slack pack me about 10 miles the next day. I would do 5 more with my pack. The problem was that she couldn’t get to me because the road had washed out. There was little cell service for her or me and so there was about 2 hours worth of panic about how to get in touch with eachother. I was able to get a text out, but she couldn’t get it. I assumed she was having trouble and told her I would hike another 9 miles to a bigger road. I hoped she would get it and not carry my pack to the meeting spot. In the meantime she had figured out she couldn’t get to the trail and used someones land line to call me. I happened to keep my phone on and was climbing a hill so I had better reception. I was so glad we had made contact and I didn’t realize how worried I had been until we made plans. So, she picked me up at a road 19 miles total and we got a room at Quality Inn. It was really nice and I got a shower and we had an amazing breakfast in the morning. It all worked out well, but could have been much worse. I was with Castaway and Bad Penny and they would have taken care of me, but I didn’t have anything I would have needed for night if I had to stay in the woods. I did have enough snacks to make it through and treatment for my water as well. It threatened to rain and I was thinking….of course rain would be perfect right now. It’s always raining in movies when something bad happens!

And all this makes me wonder…is this what it was like before cell phones??? 🙂


PS – not sure how often I will be able to update this in NH. It depends on libraries in towns. As of today (August 18) I am in New Hampshire. So glad! 2 states to go!

About Renee

I enjoy adventures. Whether running marathons, thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, working with Service Adventure, or working with youth as Program Director of Swan Lake Christian Camp for 9 years, I have encountered many an adventure. On this site I will try to capture the big and small ones for you. Enjoy!

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  1. There’s a reason God rested on the 7th day. He needed it! You do too! Congrats on how far you’ve come Renee. Your journey has been so inspiring.

  2. I agree, Jen Wo, and was thinking along those same lines.

    Renee: Yesterday, I was meeting with a group of United Methodist AT lovers. One is a pastor in the Southwest Virginia area whose church has an AT hiker ministry. The discussion centered around the need to fund an Appalachian Trail chaplain. I would be interested in your insights after you complete the journey and rest up.

    Grace, peace and the companionship of God’s Holy Spirit as you continue your trek through Creation!

    Pastor Buzz (Stumpfinder)

  3. Gladys Heidebrecht

    Dear Strong-willed, muscular, lovely niece Renee;

    I have been reading every post you’ve sent for the past few months. I know you don’t mind that I have not responded to every one of them!

    Your Uncle Darrel & I both agree that since God worked for 6 days and then “rested” of the seventh, that you should too!!

    We had a wonderful visit with your parents at cousin Joel & Allison’s wedding in Elm Creek, Manitoba. It was time we got caught up with them again.

    Sent with loads of encouragement – for we KNOW that what you have accomplished already on the Appalachian Trail is phenomenal.

    A. Gladys & U. Darrel

    Calgary, AB.

  4. Renee – I’m do glad to hear you felt at home here and that you didn’t have to pay! It’s great to he cared for. Thanks for stopping by!

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