Side Show

climbing down Madison

X and N Trovert, Castaway and I have been hiking together for about two weeks. We’ve decided that we will stay together til the end. It is so nice to have a group to hike and stay with. I think that if I was hiking by myself I would be pretty down. Especially as we have had to take some miles at 1/2 mile per hour. There are just a lot of rocks and when they are wet things get really slow. Add the wind and you’ve got an interesting combination. Coming down Madison Mountain was really difficult. There are some places that are nice and flat and easy (like into Gorham NH), but this was not one of those places. 🙂 At times you have to use small hand holds, trees or roots and do some acrobatics to get up and down the mountains.  I am very thankful for the grips on my shoes. I’ve done a few spiderman impressions walking down rocks!

It has been interesting to see people that I haven’t seen since North Carolina all of the sudden. Guyline and Bearcub all of the sudden showed up. I am sure now that I have slowed a bit I will see more people that are anxious to finish. Here is a link to N and X Trovert’s Blog. Check it out!

There are less than 300 miles to go, and I will be entering Maine September 3rd. This is crazy to me that I will soon be done with this adventure. I am ready, but I will miss some things. It will no doubt take some getting used to being in the real world again, but hopefully I will manage! 🙂

Is this the easy way?

Easier way down?

About Renee

I enjoy adventures. Whether running marathons, thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, working with Service Adventure, or working with youth as Program Director of Swan Lake Christian Camp for 9 years, I have encountered many an adventure. On this site I will try to capture the big and small ones for you. Enjoy!

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  1. Amazing. Less than 300 miles to go and the end draws near. Bitter sweet I’ll assume. Enjoy the last miles!

  2. Wow! Those rocks are crazy looking! Excellent to hear that you are probably now in Maine. The North Carolina (Smokies?) folks “all of a sudden showed up?” Hope they weren’t yellow- blazers! 🙂

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