I am sure you have been wondering what has happened since I summited. I will be doing several more posts, so don’t go away yet!

The day after summit day was a nice and relaxing one. I didn’t move from the bed for very long and we ate a lot. We met X and N for lunch and picked up Castaway from Abol Bridge for supper. It was good to see him again and wish him well on the summit. I hope we didn’t scare him. 🙂

Sunrise at Cadillac Mt

Beth’s flight was on October 1st, so we had time to do some other fun stuff before she left. We spent some time in Acadia National Park and watched the sunrise from Cadillac Mountain. It was so gorgeous! It was also very cold, but we snuggled and used sleeping bags to stay warm. Its too bad when we came back to the hotel room that it was also cold. Guess we needed the heat after all. 🙂

Some other snippets:

One of the hotels had a very blue bathroom. Super 8 is awesome!

pretty leaves

What is there to do on vacation? Well, normally when I would be on vacation I would try to do as much activity as I could. This vacation is different cause I needed a break from exercise. But, as we were in Acadia National Park we decided we needed to do something other than sit in a hotel room. So, what did we do…take a hike of course! I had my crocs on, cause I was thinking it wouldn’t be too strenuous. Well, there were some rocks and I was wishing for my poles. At least it didn’t last too long. 🙂

Beth and I have done some running in the past and she is training for a half marathon. She asked me the day after summiting if I would like to run with her. She was feeling pretty sore afterwards and I was ready for a couple days off. We actually went running 3 times and it was an eye opener. Evidently there are some muscles in my butt that are NOT worked while hiking. And here I thought that I was in the most amazing shape. Hmm. There were a couple other muscles that were not worked the same way. It will take a bit to get back into running shape and I hope to do a marathon this fall yet. We shall see what I can do. I would really like to keep as much of the fitness I have worked so hard to gain.

Paul Bunyan

One of the most exciting things we saw in Bangor was the statue of Paul Bunyan. Paul is located in Bangor because they were the birthplace of the lumber industry. We had a difficult time finding it because we were looking  for a park. Actually the statue was in a construction area. We were able to take some pictures with Mr. Bunyan while a guy watched us from the parking garage. I bet he thought we were nuts. 🙂

awesome stripes!

About Renee

I enjoy adventures. Whether running marathons, thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, working with Service Adventure, or working with youth as Program Director of Swan Lake Christian Camp for 9 years, I have encountered many an adventure. On this site I will try to capture the big and small ones for you. Enjoy!

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  1. Gladys Heidebrecht

    Hi Renee,

    I’ve been wondering about the “knee guards” you were wearing during your hike. I have trouble with my knees and was thinking that you could let me know about these. Hey, who cares about the “stripes” if the guards helped you accomplish this amazing 6 months of hiking!!!


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