Hiking Schedule

Day Date Destination Distance
Wed 4-Apr Black Gap Shelter 7.3
Thurs 5-Apr Hawk Mt. Shelter 10.6
Fri 6-Apr Gooch Shelter 8
Sat 7-Apr Wood’s Hole Shelter 12.9
Sun 8-Apr Neel’s Gap 3.6
Mon 9-Apr Whitley Gap 6.7
Tues 10-Apr Blue Mt. Shelter 13.3
Wed 11-Apr Addis Gap 13.3
Thurs 12-Apr Blueberry Patch Hostel (Hiawassee GA) 5.4 + 3.5
Fri 13-Apr   0
Sat 14-Apr Muskrat Creek Shelter 11.8
Sun 15-Apr Carter Gap Shelter 12.5
Mon 16-Apr Rock Gap Shelter 12.1
Tues 17-Apr Franklin – E 10 miles (overnight) (NC) 3.8
Wed 18-Apr Siler Bald Shelter 4.2
Thurs 19-Apr Cold Spring Shelter 11.1
Fri 20-Apr Bryson City – Nantahala (NC) 11.5
Sat 21-Apr   0
Sun 22-Apr Sassafrass Gap Shelter 6.9
Mon 23-Apr Cable Gap Shelter 15
Tues 24-Apr Fontana – W 2 miles (NC) 5
    Fontana Dam Shelter 1
Wed 25-Apr Spence Field Shelter 16.7
Thurs 26-Apr Double Spring Shelter 13.7
Fri 27-Apr Gatlinburg – W 15 miles (TN) 10.8
Sat 28-Apr Ice Water Spring Shelter 3
Sun 29-Apr Tri-Corner Knob Shelter 12.6
Mon 30-Apr Painter’s Branch 20.4
Tues 1-May Walnut Mt. Shelter 18
Wed 2-May Hot Springs – trail goes thru) (NC) 13.1
Thurs 3-May   0
Fri 4-May Spring Mt. Shelter 11
Sat 5-May Big Butt (water at Jerry Spring) 17.3
Sun 6-May Hog Back Ridge Shelter 12.8
Mon 7-May Campsite 15.3
Tues 8-May No Business Knob Shelter 5.4
Wed 9-May Erwin – W 7 miles (TN) 6.3
Thurs 10-May Beauty Spot Gap 11.1
Fri 11-May Clyde Smith Shelter 15.1
Sat 12-May Doll Flatts 20.7
Sun 13-May Mountaineer Shelter/Campsite 11.8
Mon 14-May Pond Flatts 21.1
Tues 15-May Hampton (VA) 3.2
Wed 16-May   0
Thurs 17-May Iron Mt. Shelter 15.8
Fri 18-May Abingdon Gap Shelter 15.9
Sat 19-May Damascus – on trail (VA) 10.2
Sun 20-May   0
Mon 21-May Campsite 11.8
Tues 22-May Thomas Knob Shelter 16.2
Wed 23-May Hurricaine Mt. Shelter 16
Thurs 24-May Troutdale – E 2.6 miles (VA) 5.2
Fri 25-May Partnership Shelter 14.5
Sat 26-May Crawfish Valley 17.9
Sun 27-May Chestnut Knob Shelter 16.7
Mon 28-May Laurel Creek  14.8
Tues 29-May Bland E – 2.7 miles (VA) 6.9
Wed 30-May Jenny Knob Shelter 12.1
Thurs 31-May Wapiti Shelter 14.2
Fri 1-Jun Campsite 13.6
Sat 2-Jun Pearisburg  E 1 mile (VA) 3
    Springs 4.2
Sun 3-Jun Bailey Gap Shelter 19
Mon 4-Jun Laurel Creek Shelter 14.6
Tues 5-Jun Pickle Branch 22.5
Wed 6-Jun Catawba Shelter 13.6
Thurs 7-Jun Daleville – E .8 (VA) 17.8
Fri 8-Jun   0
Sat 9-Jun Bobblets Gap Shelter 18.5
Sun 10-Jun Bryant Ridge Shelter 13.5
Mon 11-Jun Marble Spring  17.1
Tues 12-Jun Glasgow  W 6 miles (VA) 7.7
    John’s Hollow Shelter 1.7
Wed 13-Jun Brown Mt. Creek 18.3
Thurs 14-Jun N. Fork of Piney River 13.9
Fri 15-Jun Harper’s Creek Shelter 16.1
Sat 16-Jun Maupin Field Shelter 6.2
Sun 17-Jun Paul C. Wolf Shelter 15.8
Mon 18-Jun Waynesboro W 4.5 miles (VA) 5
Tues 19-Jun   0
Wed 20-Jun Black Rock Hut 20
Thurs 21-Jun Pine Field Hut 13.5
Fri 22-Jun Bear Face Mt. Hut 20.6
Sat 23-Jun Big Meadows Wayside E .4 (VA) 7.1
    Rock Springs Hut 4.7
Sun 24-Jun Pass Mt. Hut 16.7
Mon 25-Jun Gravel Springs Hut 13.5
Tues 26-Jun Front Royal – W 4.2 (VA) 13.7
Wed 27-Jun   0
Thurs 28-Jun Spring 16.2
Fri 29-Jun Blackburn Trail Center 25.2
Sat 30-Jun Harper’s Ferry on trail (WV) 11.8
Sun 1-Jul   0
Mon 2-Jul Dahlgren Back Pack Campground 17.9
Tues 3-Jul Raven Rock Shelter 18.8
Wed 4-Jul Rock Mt. Shelters 19.8
Thurs 5-Jul Toms Run Shelter 19.2
Fri 6-Jul Backpacker’s Campsite 22.4
Sat 7-Jul Boiling Springs (PA) 0.5
    Darlington Shelter 14.3
Sun 8-Jul Duncannon – on trail (PA) 11.5
Mon 9-Jul   0
Tues 10-Jul Peter’s Mt. Shelter 11.2
Wed 11-Jul Rausch Gap Shelter 17.8
Thurs 12-Jul 501 Shelter 17.8
Fri 13-Jul Eagle’s Nest 15.5
Sat 14-Jul Port Clinton on trail (PA) 8.6
    Windsor Furance Shelter 6.1
Sun 15-Jul Allentown Hiking Club Shelter 16.9
Mon 16-Jul George W. Outerbridge Shelter 16.8
Tues 17-Jul Leroy A. Smith Shelter 16.9
Wed 18-Jul Kirkridge Shelter 13.9
Thurs 19-Jul Delaware Water Gap – .4 miles (PA) 6.4
Fri 20-Jul   0
Sat 21-Jul Blue Mt. Lakes Road 17.8
Sun 22-Jul Rutherford Shelter 22.3
Mon 23-Jul Pochuck Mt. Shelter 17.3
Sun 24-Jul Vernon 2 mi (Overnight) (NJ) 6.5
Mon 25-Jul Wildcat Shelter 17.1
Tues 26-Jul William Brien Shelter 19.6
Wed 27-Jul Ft. Montgomery .7 miles (NY) 10.1
    Hemlock Springs 2.2
Thurs 28-Jul Shenandoah Tenting Area 21.7
Fri 29-Jul Telephone Pioneers Shelter 18.1
Sat 30-Jul Schaghticoke Mt. Campsite 18.3
Sun 31-Jul Kent – .8 (CT) 3
Mon 1-Aug   0
Tues 2-Aug Pine Swamp Shelter 17
Wed 3-Aug Limestone Spring Shelter 12.8
Thurs 4-Aug Salsbury (CT) 3.4
    Brassy Brook Shelter 5.3
Fri 5-Aug Glen Brook Shelter 8.9
Sat 6-Aug Mt. Wilcox South Shelter 19.6
Sun 7-Aug Upper Goose Pond Cabin 14.8
Mon 8-Aug Kay Wood Shelter 18.8
Tues 9-Aug Dalton 3
    Mark Noepel Shelter 14.3
Wed 10-Aug Williamstown – 1.4 miles (MA) 9.6
Thurs 11-Aug   0
Fri 12-Aug Melville Shelter 20
Sat 13-Aug Story Spring Shelter 17.4
Sun 14-Aug Spruce Peak Shelter 19.4
Mon 15-Aug Peru 2.5 (VT) 2.8
    Lost Pond Shelter 14.8
Tues 16-Aug Clarendon Shelter 18.6
Wed 17-Aug Rutland VT – Brandon Bergey 16.4
Thurs 18-Aug   0
Fri 19-Aug Wintturi Shelter 19.9
Sat 20-Aug  Happy Hill Shelter 19.9
Sun 21-Aug Hanover (NH) 5.8
    Velvet Rock Shelter 1.5
Mon 22-Aug Trapper John Shelter 16.7
Tues 23-Aug Hexacuba Shelter 12.5
Wed 24-Aug Jeffer’s Brook Shelter 16
Thurs 25-Aug N. Woodstock – 5 miles (NH) 8.4
Fri 26-Aug   0
Sat 27-Aug Liberty Springs Campsite 18.9
Sun 28-Aug Guyot Shelter 13.2
Mon 29-Aug Ethan Pond Shelter 9.8
Tues 30-Aug Crawford Notch E 3 miles (NH) 2.9
    Nauman Tentsite 6.4
Wed 31-Aug Osgood Tentsite 14.8
Thurs 1-Sep Imp Shelter 17.9
Fri 2-Sep Gorham 4 miles (NH) 8
Sat 3-Sep   0
Sun 4-Sep Carlo Col Shelter 17
Mon 5-Sep Baldpate Lean-to 16.4
Tues 6-Sep Andover – 8 miles (overnight?) (ME) 8
Wed 7-Sep Bemis Mt. Lean-to 18.8
Thurs 8-Sep Little Swift River Campsite 12.9
Fri 9-Sep Poplar Ridge Lean-to 15.5
Sat 10-Sep Crocker Cirque 15.2
Sun 11-Sep Stratton – 5 miles (ME) 7.3
Mon 12-Sep   0
Tues 13-Sep Little Bigelow Lean-to 15.3
Wed 14-Sep Pierce Pond Lean-to 17.7
Thurs 15-Sep Pleasant Pond Lean-to 9.7
Fri 16-Sep Moxi Bald Lean-to 13.1
Sat 17-Sep Horseshoe Canyon Lean-to 8.9
Sun 18-Sep Monson – 3.5 miles (ME) 9
Mon 19-Sep   0
Tues 20-Sep Long Pond Stream Lean-to 15.1
Wed 21-Sep Chairback Gap Lean-to 11.7
Thurs 22-Sep Logan Brook Lean-to 17.2
Fri 23-Sep Antlers Campsite 19.6
Sat 24-Sep Logging Road – 2 miles (ON) (ME) 5.8
Sun 25-Sep Rainbow Stream Lean-to 15.9
Mon 26-Sep Abol Bridge 15
Tues 27-Sep Katahdin Stream Campground 9.2
Wed 28-Sep Katahdin   6
Thus 29-Sep Hitch to Millinocket! (ME)  
  1. Just wanted to let you know that even though you haven’t heard from me yet. I am following your tremendous progress! You are amazing!!! I know you’re looking forward to having your sister with you…..nothing like family to support and walk beside you. All the best on the next leg of your journey.
    Love you

  2. berlyjo18@gmail.com

    Renee…..got lost in the email change somewhere but I have been thinking about you!!! Hope all is well…..take care!
    Kim from NC

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